John Y’s Musings from the Middle: Memories….of my memory….remembering things….

Memories….of my memory….remembering things….that I didn’t really remember….but thought I did…but was something else.

Seeing someone on the street late last week I said to them…

“Hey there! How are you? I was just talking about you to someone the other day….Oh, who was it…Actually it was about a month ago not the other day. Who was it I was talking to? I can’t believe I can’t remember. Oh, it wasn’t about you but something you were doing.

What…you know ….that, umm, what is the name of that charity you are involved with.

Or not charity, but project you are on the board of. The, um, the…..Oh, I remember now. It was about someone who wanted me to introduce you to them because they wanted to discuss the project with you.

jyb_musingsThat’s what it was….and, well, darn it, I told them I would introduce you two and I just forgot all about it until just now.

I’m glad I ran into you so it jogged my memory!”


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