John Y’s Musings from the Middle: Jesus Sighting!

10686801_10154681573975515_4512682668680005549_nI just stopped for gas and the ATM at the Thortons on Shelbyville Rd and a guy who was driving a red pick-up truck with a concrete mixer in the back walked in behind me. He had long wavy dark hair and a mustache and beard and looked about 30 years old.

I thought to myself, “We got Jesus in the house!” and looked around for someone to tell. But I only caught the eye of a police officer who was watching me and simply nodded hello. I didn’t say anything to him about Jesus being in the back of the store in the soft drink section for fear of arousing suspicion.

But I stalled for time by buying some Tic Tacs I didn’t need so I could catch another glimpse of the man who looked like Jesus. As he walked peacefully toward me I smiled at him (Him?) and he serenely smiled back. I couldn’t help it, I said, “When you walked in I almost shouted at you, ‘Jesus? Is that you?’ and wanted to introduce myself….I have seen pictures of you at church.”

jyb_musingsHe grinned broadly and started chuckling like I would imagine Jesus would grin at being recognized. I asked “Do you get that a lot?” He said he did and had someone stop him at Home Depot last week and ask if he would be interested in playing Jesus in a play.

Really nice guy. I told him I wish I had some fishes and loaves with me for him to multiply. He gave me a blessing sign with both hands and we said goodbye and I told him to have a nice day. (That’s right, out of habit, I told Jesus to “Have a nice day.” Like my wish for a good day would have any impact. What can I say? I was nervous.) He was just so approachable and seemed so kind.

Back inside my car I watched him drive away and, again, couldn’t believe the resemblence. Then as I looked at the pic I snapped with my phone I noticed a bright light aglow that seemed to project from his face.

I am not saying Jesus was really at Thortons off Shelbyville road this morning. I am just saying that if He was, He is a really cool guy.


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