John Y’s Musings from the Middle: Jack Rabbit Slims

jyb_musingsKeep an open mind….don’t jump to conclusions.

If the first thing you think of when letting your mind wander on a Saturday morning while having your coffee is, “Jack Rabbit Slims,” it’s probably worth asking yourself “What did I have for dinner last night?” and making sure you don’t eat that again since it must have caused indigestion that led to disturbing images the next morning.

At least that’s what was my first thought in reaction to the first thing I thought of this morning, which was “Jack Rabbit Slims.”

But it turns out it isn’t such a bad thing after all. I wasn’t thinking of the famous Travolta-Thurman dance scene or the great dialogue scene. I thought of the tracking shot of Travolta-Thurman entering the restaurant and walking to there table.

And I found the video of clip and watched it twice. It turns out that watching (and thinking) about Jack Rabbit Slim the first thing on a Saturday morning while having coffee is a pretty cool way to start the day off after all.

And it’s OK to eat Pad Thai on Friday nights.


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