John Y’s Musings from the Middle: Insomnia

Helpful tips for curing insomnia

Usually, if you are an insomniac, and will start practicing good sleep hygiene, and turn off the TV around 10pm, always have clean sheets and fluffy pillows, take a warm bath before bedtime and don’t eat heavy meals, sweet snacks or drink caffeinated beverages in the evening, turn out all the lights and don’t have any background noise to distract you, and one-by-one relax every muscle in your body as you visualize yourself resting peacefully, you will eventually doze off after 6 or 7 hours.


Late night thoughts….

Just because you’re an insomniac doesn’t mean you can’t also be a vampire.

I think….when I was born…I wasn’t wound up properly….and have been about 6 hours off the rest of the world ever since….
jyb_musingsThe difference in an insomniac and non-insomniac when they look at the clock and see it is 5:04am?

The non-insomniac feels they can get a 3 hour jump on the rest of the world.

The insomniac realizes he has 3 more hours to get any sleep at all before he has to get up and start the day with at least 6 fewer hours of sleep than everyone else in the world.

The Secret Productivity of Insomniacs.

We insomniacs don’t use our extra waking hours in the wee morning hours to better solve life’s problems.

But merely to come up with bad ideas that won’t work for solving life’s problems that we can dismiss.


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