John Y’s Musings from the Middle: I’m Easy

I’m easy, cheap, and proud of it.

On Facebook anyway.

Is that a bad thing?

I just found out about “deactivated” accounts of people who are Facebook friends and that you should probably delete or “unfriend” them since they are no longer active on Facebook.

That made sense until I got my real lesson from the process. Some of the “friends” I discovered with deactivated accounts included names like:

Jon Doe

A Fish Sandwich

Carissa Carmos Wayfm Shinefm (totally made up name)

John Doe (with an ‘h’)

And more…

jyb_musingsIt’s not my fault that my friendship with a fish sandwich or an imaginary person didn’t work out. At least I tried. If they were having fun at my expense, heck, well….it’s their loss.

And besides, I can comfort myself by knowing I was probably the best friend that fish sandwich had in its entire imaginary life. At least the longest. We were apparently friends for several years.


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