John Y’s Musings from the Middle: Gettin’ Jiggy

Deep morning thought. Don’t get jiggy. Just yet.

One of my theories about life is that one day, unannounced, we stop living forward and start living backward.

We stop accumulating new experiences….stop living sequentially.

On that day we begin to become nostalgic. We look backward and start to painstakingly yet lovingly make sense of our lives and our world.

We have a new job…a new mission. It is the day we stop thinking of stealing second base because we are assigned to be the new third base coach.

The daily currency of life isn’t new adventures anymore–but piecing together in a sensible way old adventures –which we play with like pieces of a jigsaw puzzle—until the life we lived starts to make sense.

And that is a good thing.

But the day we become nostalgic, is the first day of our death, which may take decades to complete, but have moved into a state of decay. That’s why, on this day, today, I urge you to join me and commit to yourself and your family to stay the heck away from jigsaw puzzles.


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