John Y’s Musings from the Middle: Flirty Facebook Messages

I have received three flirty messages from three different fake FB profiles pretending to be a young woman eager to exchange private emails with me.

I finally responded to the last one just now.

“Thanks for your message.

However, another woman sent me an almost identical flirty message yesterday and we got married this afternoon.

And it’s really going well. To top it all off (and no offense) but she is a lot hotter than you are.

Here name is Rebecca Brown and we have “married” now as our Facebook relationship status

Good luck with finding romance. Or amusing yourself pretending to be a young woman. Which is, frankly, a turn off to most women your age and not the most well thought out romance strategy.

jyb_musingsBut you never know…you just might stumble onto an interaction that will change your life forever doing just what you are doing now. It could happen.

Keep the faith. And keep putting yourself out there until something better than rejections like this one from me start to happen for you.

There’s more than one fish in the sea. And more than one profile to fake private message on Facebook. Somewhere out there there on FB tonight there is a soulmate for you who as we message is writing a really funny trolling message under a fake name and profile just like you. And you two are destined to meet someday and fall in love. Someone who “gets you” and will love you just the way you are. And that is no laughing matter.


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