John Y’s Musings from the Middle: Christmas

It’s game time. Christmas-wise anyway.

Imagine you are in a football huddle late in the game.

A lot is on the line.

The quarterback unsnaps his helmet chinstrap and looks intensely but hopefully at each and every player

Then refastens his chinstrap and says to the team:

“You know what to do. We’ve practiced every conversation and family interaction for months now.

It’s Christmas Eve and Christmas Day and even though we may not be ready for them; they are ready for us.

This is it. And I say we are ready. Let’s do this thing!

Oh, and one more thing. Let’s make this the merriest damn Christmas ever!

On one. Break!”

The coolest thing about having teenagers on Christmas morning?It is 10:26am and although Santa and his team finished their work at around 2am, neither child is awake yet.Or even stirring.

Neither Johnny nor Maggie woke up naturally at the crack of dawn like they used to a few years ago.

And apparently don’t even bother to set their alarms as teens.

But I am up.


I am afraid to try to wake them for fear they may say, “Just 10 more minutes…”

So I am enjoying coffee and left overs from last night’s dessert and giving them a little more time to awaken, on teen time, for an exciting Christmas morning. Around noon.


jyb_musingsWhen our son was 5 we surprised him Christmas morning with a new puppy. He was ecstatic but as he held the new puppy my wife and I noticed the puppy was shivering. My wife commented to me several times asking me if I thought the shivering was normal and if our new puppy was OK.

Finally, our commonsense 5 year old son, Johnny, interrupted and said, “Mom, relax. The puppy has been on a sliegh all night long in cold weather. Of course she’s going to be shivering.”

I looked at my wife and laughing said, “Duh!”


My loved ones are so, so hard to Christmas shop for!!

Why do I think that?

Because everytime I slip away to try to shop for them I easily find a thing or two for me– but can never quite find a gift for them. And have to keep looking. It’s very frustrating.

But as frustrating experiences go, more fun than most.

The other night my wife and I split up to shop more efficiently and when we met back up I was carrying a bag with a men’s robe and a pair of slacks. “Who is that for?” Rebecca asked. “What? This?” I responded in mock surprise.

“It is for you,” I explained. “For you to give to me for Christmas. I just had you in mind and was thinking how I could make things easier on you”

I am pretty sure Rebecca believed me….Or at least was hoping I would find other ways to shop for Christmas that had a more direct benefit to her and others….   ;  )

Christmas Eve 2013

Christmas Eve 2013

Today feels like that show where the winner got to take a shopping cart and rush through the store for exactly  two minutes and could keep everything put in the cart during those two minutes.

Except in today’s game they make you pay for it all. At the end of your two minutes.It looked more fun the other way.


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