John Y’s Musings from the Middle: Amazing

Thought for the week

This week I will do something amazing —something that will stun others and impress myself

Ok. I gotta be honest. I wrote the first paragraph two weeks ago and got sidetracked by something.

I found out while getting coffee (which is when I write my posts) that The Summit shopping center go bought and they are trying to thinks of a new name.

No one asked me but I tried to …think up new names but didn’t come up with any really good ones. I figured “Apex” was too close in meaning.

By that time I had already gotten back in my car and then other things happened and, well, I just lost track of time

So back to the doing something amazing thing I was talking about earlier (in this post two weeks).

jyb_musingsHmmm. I am now out of the mood to do something amazing. That thought happened two weeks ago and has run it’s course.

I mean… if I do something amazing this week by accident that stuns others and impresses myself , I am happy to pretend like I planned to do it. I can do that. But I don’t want to try to do something amazing now. I’m not feeling it. Maybe it will come back later today and I’ll amend this post

Maybe my goal this week should be simply to focus better and not get so easily distracted. That’s actually a good idea for me. I’m going to hold that thought for a couple of weeks –like I did the “do something amazing” thought –and come back to it when I have more time.

What about NuLu? That would be a cool new name for the Summit.

Shoot! I just realized I forgot to put Splenda in my coffee and have to go back to the coffee shop now.

I can’t even remember what this post was about ….Oh, yeah, doing something amazing in, like, two weeks. Right? No? Look. I can’t do this now. I have to get my coffee right first


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