John Y’s Musings from the Middle: Advice to My Son

Advice texted to my son today after we had lunch and he asked an important question I didn’t answer adequately at the time.

Me: “You asked me if there were many dishonest people in government and business. The answer, as I said earlier, is no. There are very few and they are radioactive and never last long.

But there are plenty of people everywhere who can sometimes be selfish or short-sighted or petty. And that is disappointing. You can’t change them and just learn to maneuver around them. And then you must  be careful not to get sucked in to their game of playing things small.

Playing small is not a game worth getting good at if you are going to ask a lot of yourself in life–whatever you end of doing in your work.

Make sense ?”

Johnny: “Yes, it does. Thanks.”


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