John Y.’s Musings from the Middle: Stages of Development

Today, we introduce an exciting new feature at The RP: John Y.’s “Musings from the Middle.”  Contributing RP and former Kentucky Secretary of State John Y. Brown, III, has set Facebook on fire the past few months with his thoughtful, often hilarious posts on his Facebook page. Having reached the limit of 5000 friends, John Y. is now sharing his wit and wisdom with the RP Nation as well.  Enjoy, and be sure to fire away in the comments section.

New habits are almost always achieved incrementally.

A handy tool is the “stages of development” between an old habit and the adoption of a new habit. For example, the stages for adopting a fitness regimen. For me, the 8 Stages have been as follows.

  1. Disgust. Hitting bottom with one’s weight and/or appearance.
  2. Joining a gym. Purchasing a gym membership.
  3. Circling. Driving to the gym and circling it several times in your car before leaving.
  4. Entering. Going inside gym and meeting person at front desk and using restroom. Before leaving.
  5. Augmentation. Joining a second gym.
  6. Canceling. Terminating both gym memberships
  7. Acceptance. Making peace with your weight and appearance as it is.
  8. Contrition. Doing an act that salves a sense of guilt and failure (e.g., joining a morning mens accountability group—but one that serves doughnuts.)


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