The RP’s Weekly Web Gems: The Politics of the Planet

The Politics of the Planet

Since the tsunami and subsequent nuclear meltdown in Japan, people have wondered about the global impact.  Want an honest, albeit pessimistic take?  Read this post from Barry Riholtz’s blog [The Big Picture].

Not enough bad news for you?  The Physicians for Social Responsibility have issued a statement which says they are deeply concerned about the amount of radiation in food.  [PSR]

Google, Kings of the Internet, have decided to use their philanthropic project,, to take on Global Climate Change skeptics.  [Solve Climate News]

Check out this very interesting read about how the Chinese environmental movement will be considerably different there than it has been in the United States, and different from how it tried to be in the USSR.  [The Atlantic]

Japan’s nuclear problems have created repercussions on the other side of the Eastern Hemisphere.  Germany’s ruling party, the Christian Democrats, have now lost a former stronghold to the Greens.  Here’s a super-informative piece with context about how global events have impacts that are truly global.  But read it quick, before it goes behind that paywall.  [New York Times]

The EPA made waves in 2009 when it ruled that greenhouse gasses were a threat to human health.  Read this profile of how Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell has served as ringleader of efforts to overturn this scientific ruling through political means:  [Lexington Herald-Leader]

An interesting read concerning the Obama administration’s recent ruling about genetically modified crops and its impact on organic farming.  [The Rural Blog]


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