The RP’s Weekly Web Gems: The Pompatus of Love

The Joker

All right…The Joker?  The Pompatus? The banner up top? What the heck is going on?!?!?!? [Clicky here first, silly]

OK, got it. Now what in the world did Steve Miller mean by “I speak of the pompatus of love”? [We found this awesome explanation on the Internets tubes]

Wasn’t there some movie called “The Pompatus of Love” with that dude that’s still on Two and a Half Men? [Yup]

Wasn’t Heath Ledger a better Joker–He won the Academy Award for gosh sakes?!? [No F in Way]

What’s a space cowboy? [Hint: the song was written in the 70s.]

Who was the best all-time Gangster of Love? [Loved Pesci in Goodfellas and Pacino in Godfather I and II (and of course in Scarface), but this guy takes the cake.]

I’m a-pickin’…And I’m a-grinnin’.  [Classic Hee-Haw]

Who’s your favorite all-time Maurice? [C’mon, you know the RP is a Bee Gees fan!]


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