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Politics of the Diamond

What a terrible day for George W. Bush–Josh Hamilton, brightest star on the Texas Rangers, slid into home and broke his arm.  He’s out six to eight weeks.  If you don’t know much about Hamilton, he has one of the most amazing stories in baseball.  I’ve linked an old interview with HBO’s Real Sports that you ought to watch.  [Lone Star Ball] [Real Sports]

Barry Bonds’ perjury trial is almost finished, as the jury is currently deliberating about charges of him lying to a grand jury and obstructing justice.  I am actually very torn about Barry Bonds.  On one hand, I know he cheated and that is obviously bad.  On the other, lots of people cheated, so why are they coming after Bonds so hard?  More than one person has alleged racism here.  What do you think?  [New York Times]

Here is a heartbreaking story about opening day for baseball in Japan.  I remember after 9/11 when Keith Olbermann spoke about the healing power of baseball.  I don’t remember what he said exactly, but it was something along the lines of baseball being something that keeps us all connected and allows us a respite from sorrow.  Here’s hoping that works at least a little bit in Japan too.  [ESPN]

Have you heard about Brian Stow, the Giants fan who was almost beaten to death outside of Dodger Stadium?  It’s a tragic story–he remains in a medically induced coma.  The Giants have stepped up, raising almost $70,000 for his medical expenses.  It makes me happy to see people being generous.  I won’t lie, though, it makes me kind of sad that we live in a country where baseball teams have to raise money to pay for needed medical care. [USA Today]

“Manny being Manny” is one of my favorite sayings in all of baseball.  Unfortunately, we’ve said it for what will likely be the last time, as Manny Ramirez hung up his cleats for the last time less than a week into the season.  Few players in any sports elicit such strong emotions as Manny Ramirez.  I’ve linked to extremely different articles for you to peruse.  (I think Manny is awesome, but I’m glad he never played for my Cardinals). [Manny Sucks] [Manny Rules]

This is the picture I wanted to use for Politics of the Diamond [LOL]


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