The RP’s Weekly Web Gems: The Politics of Swing

The Politics of Swing

You may have heard that professional golfer Kevin Na took 16 strokes to finish a par four hole last week. He is truly the new hero of all hacks and duffers out there. Unbelievably, though, his is not the worst score ever on a single hole on the PGA Tour. Know who owns that inglorious record? (The RP wonders if alcohol may have played a role?) []

And by the way, if you missed Na’s ordeal, you’ve got to watch this painfully fun video with great audio. [Bleacher Report

Americans, of course, don’t like to lose. We especially don’t like to lose to other countries, right, patriots? But how about getting completely, embarrassingly pounded by the Germans? This falls into the WTF category. (And, yes, WTF stands for World Tennis Federation—WTF did you think?) [Tennis-X

The Duke Lacrosse story has now gone from sad to sadder to tragic. [CNN]

Finally, there have clearly been great movies about boxing (Rocky, The Fighter come to mind) and golf (Caddyshack, definitely qualifies, The Legend of Bagger Vance is questionable—although it does have Charlize Theron in it), but have there ever been any good movies about tennis? LET US KNOW!!


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