The RP’s Weekly Web Gems: The Politics of Speed

The Politics of Speed

If you are the 5-time defending Sprint Cup Champion in NASCAR do you get to openly criticize your bosses? Apparently not. Jimmie Johnson had to apologize today for a few choice words he had for NASCAR. [ESPN]

More from ESPN as Ryan McGee gave us the NASCAR power rankings for Week 7. This week has Kevin Harvick in the top spot. [ESPN]

Dustin Long writes about Dale Earnhardt Jr.’s quest to win his first race since 2008 and his frustration with continually falling short. Plus more from the NASCAR world. [Sports Illustrated]

Due to the recent natural disasters that hit Japan, new car sales from the country have hit the lowest point since 1968. [AutoBlog]

The big wigs over at Tesla have recently filed a lawsuit against one of my personal favorite T.V. shows, Top Gear, regarding a three-year-old review of their Roadster. [CNET]


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