The RP’s Weekly Web Gems: The Politics of Love

The Politics of Love

When Barrack Obama’s parents wed in 1961, interracial marriage was illegal in more than a dozen states. Now, nearly 15% of marriages are “mixed unions.” Will the idea of gay marriage being illegal in most parts of the U.S. seem absolutely unbelievable in 50 years? Yes. Is it unbelievable today? Let us know your thoughts. [Marrying Out

And speaking of the Mad Men days of familial attitudes and beliefs, new research shows that even some of today’s beliefs about family, marriage, divorce and children may be as misinformed as Don Draper is about what women really want (and the long term effects of heavy smoking and copious amounts of alcohol). [Pew Research Center

In the Will the Stupid Royal Wedding Between Two Extraordinarily Propitious and Ridiculously Polite Society People EVER Be Over (And Why Do So Many Care) Department, everybody’s trying to make a buck (er, quid) off these two: [Telegraph]

A number of interesting personal essays about the nature of love and domesticity in the 21st Century: [Salon]

There are great movies about love, and then there are whacked-out great movies about love. One of our favorite scenes from one of our favorites. [Sexy Tango]


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