The RP’s Weekly Web Gems: The Politics of Love

The Politics of Love

Ever thought about how love actually works? And, yes, if politics is the “art of compromise,” then it’s definitely involved. Or is that marriage. Take a look at the basic, underlying foundations for human love. Interesting, huh? [HowStuffWorks]

Did you know? For the first time in American history, rural Americans are just as likely to be divorced as city dwellers. What’s next, broadband? [New York Times]

And speaking of marriage and divorce, in case you were planning on attending, here’s the schedule for this month’s Royal British Wedding. And in case you bemoan the miserable state of the American media and the “news stories” they spend time on, here’s one more example for you to use in your arguments: [Royal Wedding Schedule Explained

The greatest political love story ever produced on film? Nothing comes close, hands down. Disagree? Prove it to the RP and our loyal readers! [Love, Politics and War]


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