The RP’s Weekly Web Gems: The Politics of Love

Has divorce become a reason to celebrate? Instead of mourning what was once considered a tragedy, individuals have started throwing parties to celebrate separating from their spouse. Check out this new trend, divorce parties. [Digital Journal]

Recent research shows that love has the potential to act as a pain killer. Individuals who were shown a picture of their lover reported a 45% reduction in their perception of pain compared to those who were shown a photo of a stranger. [CBS News]

According to a study done by a researcher at TAU’s Bob Shapell School of Social work, LGB teens are becoming more open with their sexuality. In 1991, the average age of coming out was 25, but a recent survey showed that age has decreased to 16. Researchers contribute this decrease to societal progress and cultural changes. [Science News]

A survey of teens’ sexual habits showed that fewer of today’s teens are having intercourse. The survey found that 42% of young women and 43% of young men have had intercourse, down from 51% and 60% respectively in 1988. Teens that had reported engaging in intercourse also reported higher condom usage than in the previous study. [USA Today]


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