The RP’s Weekly Web Gems: The Politics of Love

Is sending our kids to single gendered schools really a good idea? Recent studies show that children actually may not perform better academically, and that these schools may be inadvertently reinforcing gender stereotypes. Could single gendered schools actually be detrimental to society? [Science Daily]

The first United States Census accounting for married same sex couples was released on September 27. It reports that there are currently 514,735 same sex household and 131,729 married couples. But exactly how accurate is the Census Bureau? [USA Today]


Do women with more responsibilities have a lower sex drive? A study done in Sub-Saharan Africa examined the connection between a woman’s position in her household and the frequency of which she has intercourse. Is this study potentially applicable to women in the United States? Could women with more stressful jobs have a lower sex drive? [Science Daily]

Frighteningly, the number of young people that are concerned about having safe sex is on the decline. What kind of impact does our education system have on these attitudes? [New York Daily News]


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