The RP’s Weekly Web Gems: The Politics of Love

The Politics of Love

Baby will you divorce me? A new trend in couples divorcing, will it catch on? Would you wear a divorce ring? [Huffington Post]

Maybe a television show is a good place to find love after all. Bachelor Pad’s Holly Durst and Blake Julian are engaged! Yes my friends, she may have won the show with another man, but her new ring shows where her true loyalties lie!  [Us Weekly]

Studies show that sexist men are warmly receipted by non-feminist women. Does this encourage their aggressive methods of approaching women? [US News]

Will North Carolina continue to be a rebel? Currently the only southeastern state to not have a legalized ban on gay marriage, the North Carolina is going to put the issue to a citizen vote in May. [New York Times]

Stress and strains caused by low income levels and reliance on government assistance are shown to cause tension in other areas of a couple’s life. This financial pressure has recently been linked to unhappy marriages and higher rates of divorce. [Science Daily]


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