The RP’s Weekly Web Gems: The Politics of Immigration

The Politics of Immigration

As we all know, anti-immigration sentiments, prejudice and bigotry have been around a long, long time. But did you know that the genesis of the Beatles’ “Get Back” may have come from a rant against Enoch Powell by Paul McCartney during the dreadful “Get Back” studio sessions in 1969? Fascinating, rare footage of John and Paul cracking it up. [The Commonwealth Song]

The RP has referenced Barack Obama’s parents in the past, but a recent New York Times Sunday Magazine article about the president’s mother, Stanley Ann Dunham, is an absorbing examination of both an extraordinary mother and an American abroad. [Magazine]

¡HOLA! It’s CINCO DE MAYO! Do you really even know what Cinco de Mayo is or what it actually celebrates? (And it’s not, you norteamericano, Mexican Independence Day.) No, you don’t know and you probably don’t even care! Well at least educate yourself about Tequila, gringo!! [Salon

Okay, Low Rider certainly doesn’t have anything to do with Cinco de Mayo, but it is associated with the celebration of Chicano culture, ¿sí? So go grab a slice of lemon, some salt and a shot of tequila and enjoy this live performance from the 70s—straight from Soul Train. And ¡Feliz Cinco de Mayo, compadres! [War]


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