The RP’s Weekly Web Gems: The Politics of Immigration

The Politics of Immigration

Remember back in the day when Arizona Governor Jan Brewer erroneously claimed that the Arizona desert was strewn with “beheaded” bodies from Mexico? Or, more recently, when Texas Governor (and GOP presidential candidate) Rick Perry showed off his geography skills by claiming that Juarez was the most dangerous city in America? Nobody disputes that there is extreme, gratuitous and savage violence occurring in Mexico, but in a New York Times op-ed piece yesterday, El Paso resident Veronica Escobar bemoans the misrepresentation of the border region for political advantage. [All Quiet on the Southern Front]

How do you say “LGBT” in Español? A recent rally in Chicago brought two seemingly disparate groups together to fight for basic civil rights and against marginalization. [Hispanically Speaking News]

Y por fin, ESPN’s annual “Body Issue” will hit the newsstands this Friday, and it features its fair share of Latino athletes in the buff. Fortunately for las damas, most of the Latino sports celebrities are hombres (including José Reyes, Hélio Castroneves and Sergio Martínez). But don’t worry, chicos, the one image of Spanish golfer Belen Mozo is worth the look-see. [Meet The Hispanics]


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