The RP’s Weekly Web Gems: The Politics of Hoops

The Politics of Hoops

The Olympics have a way of bringing people together. That includes the unlikely bond that has been forming for years on USA Basketball between The Chosen One and the college coach he never had. [NY Times]

For many, Neil Reed’s legacy was defined in that singular moment when Knight’s fingers clasped around his throat. But in the wake of Reed’s untimely demise one author remembers him as not just a moment but a friend, an idol, and one hell of a basketball player. [Grantland]

Fresh off its 35th consecutive Olympic victory and a 90-38 rout of Angola, USA Women’s Basketball is flying high. [SF Chronicle]

His teammates called him ‘Young Buck’ and for good reason. A rising high school sophomore, Karl Towns Jr. is an amazing example of talented youth in the international arena. [ESPN]

Uh-oh, Lebron left his laptop up. This peek at James’s faux email inbox is sports comedy at its best. [Grantland]



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