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The Politics of Film

Hunter S Thompson books have been adapted into films by Johnny Depp before, to great acclaim.  Coming soon is The Rum Diary, which was written by Thompson before he went too crazy, and I think this film has a good chance to be really fun and good.  Check out the trailer. [The Movie Blog]

Am I too old to love comic books?  I really hope not.  After watching 3 years of films building up to Marvel’s The Avengers, we now officially have a poster.  I’m excited, and you should be too. [IFC]

Now that the Harry Potter series is over and the Twilight films are all in the can, we need a new Young Adult Fiction series to win over our hearts and minds.  Hunger Games seeks to do just that.  Check out the trailer, featuring Jennifer Lawrence heavily. [Film Junk]

Oldboy is a Korean revenge flick which is incredibly violent and very intense.  It is definitely not a movie that everyone can stomach.  However, for the people who like those kinds of films, it is a classic.  Spike Lee plans on adapting it into English, and has tapped Josh Brolin to play the lead.  This is very excited, if you ask me. [The Guardian]

Lars Von Trier managed  to get himself kicked out of the Cannes film festival earlier this year because he said he sympathized with Hitler.  Even after that, his film, Melancholia, managed to win a few awards.  If a film can come back from that, it must be pretty good.  Experts say that this film will do for Kirsten Dunst what Brokeback Mountain did for Heath Ledger.  Check out the trailer. [/Film]

The film The Artist is a movie set during the silent film era–and pays homage to that era by actually being a silent film.  This film has generated a lot of positive buzz, but it remains to be seen if a film without any talking can win awards this year.  Check out the trailer to see what you think [LA Times]


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