The RP’s Weekly Web Gems: The Politics of Fashion

The Politics of Fashion

Forever tragic or forever young? Forever 21 is now selling your daughters’ next prom dresses:   [Huffington Post]

Plan on traveling to the fashion capital of the world? You won’t be booking a flight to Paris or Milan – try Singapore:   [Channel News Asia]

When planning to buy your next pair of heels, try a high-heeled pair of Crocs or wedge heels by Ugg. They are sure to turn heads, literally:   [SHEfinds]

Who knew you could buy pineapples, toothpaste, and a one million dollar ring at Costco?   [Time]

Country chic kilts for charity – try saying that four times! Check it out:   [NY Daily News]

Want to dress up your iPad? You and your iPad can now wear matching outfits with the latest designer cases:   [SHEfinds]







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