The RP’s Weekly Web Gems: The Politics of College

One of the biggest questions during the transition from high school to college is something very basic… What to wear! This starts in the classroom when students must decide where to place themselves on the spectrum from pajamas to elaborate outfits. See here for one opinion on why looking presentable in the classroom is an important way to spend your college years.  [College Fashion]

As college students, many men and women like to proudly display their school name across their clothing. This does not mean, however, that one must don sweats every time he or she want to show their spirit. See here for some recommendations on how to support your school with a more updated, stylish look. [Next Gen]

Upon leaving for college, many young men are subjected to lectures from their mothers about doing their laundry and brushing their hair. Unfortunately, many of them appear to forget it as soon as mom and dad drive away. Here is a quick outline of easy things all college men should consider when starting out their day. [College Tips]

Southern schools are notorious for their distinctive, put together looks for both males and females, and students often place pride in this stereotype. See here for a funny, if slightly critical commentary of some traditional trends seen today south of the Mason Dixon line. [Thought Catalog]

One of the most distinctive features seen within the female population at Southern schools is game day attire. Across the SEC (Southeastern Conference) campuses, female students opt for combinations of sundresses, pearls, heels, or cowboy boots for the football games, rather than more traditional American ways. See here for an account from the University of Georgia, as well as a link to the website for a new book devoted entirely to this unique tradition. [Holy Turf] [Gridiron Belles]


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