The RP’s Weekly Web Gems: The Politics of College

As the college age population, including those who take online college classes, enters into the final exam period of the semester across the country,many students feel the stress that accompanies excessive numbers of papers and exams. See here for a list of the schools that feel it the most. [Daily Beast]

There are countless causes of stress in college. See here for a brief overview of some reasons and methods for dealing with it. [Fox News]

As a way of coping with long nights of studying, many college students are turning to prescription medication to help retain their focus. Duke University recently changed its honor code to include unauthorized use of these drugs as cheating. See here for the effects of these drugs on college students, as well as an article on Duke’s newest policy. [OregonRXSummit] [Daily Tarheel]

We have often heard that people are either visual or auditory learners. It appears, however, that there is little evidence to support any real differences in an individual’s ability to learn using either technique. [NPR] [APS]


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