The RP’s Weekly Web Gems: The Politics of Basketball

The Politics of Basketball

The New Orleans Hornets are still smarting because their second best player, forward David West, has opted  out of his contract and is moving teams.  Where will he wind up?  The Big Lead  says that if it is New Jersey, big things could  happen. [The Big Lead]

The NFL isn’t the only league facing  a lockout soon. The NBA is in severe danger of work stoppage.  This piece lays blame squarely on the shoulders of the owners–and I agree with him more  than just a little. [Hoops Hype]

When North Carolina State won the NCAA men’s basketball championship in 1983, basketball changed forever.  If you are a hoops fan, you have probably seen the video–a 30 foot heave falling short,  a magical  tip in, and Jim Valvano running onto the court looking for somebody to embrace.   When Jim Valvano died in the early 90s, the run became even more magical.  This week, the  man who made the tip, Lorenzo Charles,  also died.  This is the NYT obituary, and a  more personal piece from a man who writes  for Gawker. [New York Times] [Deadspin]

John Calipari has kept my Kentucky Wildcats in the news recently.  After receiving all kinds of press for getting a  raise, he has been asked several times about how a system could be devised in which college athletes get paid.  Deadspin calls his plan “shockingly logical.”  I call it “just.” [Deadspin]

The NBA  draft happened last week.  Here is the ESPN discussion of  winners and losers.  My winners: Detroit, Washington, Utah, Cleveland, and John Calipari.  My losers: Sacramento, Houston, and The Big East. [ESPN]


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