The RP’s Weekly Web Gems: The Politics of the Diamond

The Politics of Baseball

The biggest news on the diamond this week has been the tragic injury of the best player in baseball, Albert Pujols.  My beloved Cardinals are now without their star for 4-6 weeks.  I was not a happy camper when I saw the news.  Here is a good run down of what missing Albert means. [Viva El Birdos]

The other big news in baseball comes from the west coast, where commissioner Bud Selig has vetoed Dodger’s owner Frank McCourt’s television deal with Fox, which would have allowed him to keep the team.  In essence, this move essentially nullifies McCourt’s divorce to his wife.  While Bud Selig has several good points about the deal, how emasculating is it for a guy to veto another man’s divorce?  Here is a take on this from LA.  [True Blue LA]

Jack McKeon, who is 80 years old, entered the Marlins dugout as the manager on Monday and in so doing, became the oldest manager in the league by fourteen years.  He began managing baseball in the 1949, and 671 managers have began and ended their careers since then.  Deadspin has all of their names. [deadspin]

Derek Jeter went on the disabled list about a week ago, sitting on 2,994 hits.  3,000 hits is one of the most important milestones in all of baseball, and Jeter may have the longest wait in history to make it there.  Here is a great article remembering some other long waits.  [The Hardball Times]

Roger Clemons is in a big mess, having likely lied to Congress about his steroid usage.  Now, he is trying to limit his former teammates testimony.  I feel kind of bad for the once-great pitcher.  Just kind of bad, though.  [ESPN]

I declared my love for the Bill Simmons project Grantland last week, but others have been reticent to do so–and for good reason.  Read The Big Lead‘s take on the website, which also includes quotes from the ESPN ombud. [The Big Lead]


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