RPTV: My Home Energy Efficiency Rehab

Inspired perhaps by learning my friend and political cohort, Jeremy Horton, was an accomplished flimmaker, I’ve decided to join the show biz.

Well, not really…

But using my handy and soon-to-be-discontinued Flip Video device, I am sharing with you over the next week a series of short films about an energy efficiency rehab that is going on at my home residence.

Many of us would like to take meaningful steps to adjust our lifestyles to help protect the planet from the growing threat posed by climate change.  Often times, the remedies can be expensive.

But with a home energy efficiency rehab, not only do you do good, but you also do well:  Your rehab expenses will be paid off by the savings in your utility bills after only a few years; then the savings go directly into your pocket.  Additionally, by hiring a rehab firm to do the work on your house, you are helping create green jobs in this new economy.

It is one of those rare win-win-wins.

Today and tomorrow, I will share with you films about the energy audit of my house.  I was surprised to find how much energy inefficiency and leakage there was in my relatively young (13 year) building.  In watching the film, you may identify similar issues at your own house.

If I’ve inspired you to get an energy audit and/or explore an energy efficiency rehab at your own residence, and you live in Kentucky, we have a great new program called KY Home Performance — that I’m using for my own home — which provides low-interest loans or generous rebates to KY citizens.  You can find out more here.

If you live outside of Kentucky, click here for a US Department of Energy site that provides links to programs in all 50 states.

And now, without further ado, here is my filmmaking debut — and find out why I call myself the Sy Sperling of energy efficiency — My KY Home Performance Energy Audit, Part 1:


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