The RPs Debate the 2012 GOP VP — The RP Nation Weighs In

We’ve had a busy day debating the merits of the various men and women who’ve been discussed as potential nominees by the GOP for Vice President.

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Our readers, the RP Nation, had a lot to say about this controversy — we’ve received dozens of emails and comments.  We list some of the better responses below:

Jonathan, you claim to be bi-partisan politically, but come near (but just this side of civil) to speak with a hint of animosity about the University of Louisville.  WATCH IT!!!!!   I’VE GOT MY EYES ON YOU.

Love, M.A, Louisville, KY


As a Saturday Night Live fan, I like Michelle Bachman or a comeback by Sarah, who should have a lot to say about reproductive health.

C.U., Hartford, CT


I agree with Portman who can swing Ohio. Yes, Rubio brings Florida and more of the Hispanic vote. I love Huckabee, but Arkansas is tiny and he is old news. Portman can legitimately run on a balanced budget platform, more so than anyone else.

S.C., Miami, FL


How about Kentucky’s head basketball coach, John Calipari?

B.M., New York, NY


Nope, it is Rubio.

T.W., Indianapolis, IN


I will be traveling on business through Wednesday morning, March 28th, with only limited access to email. If you need help immediately, please contact [Name omitted]. I look forward to being in touch as soon as possible.

D.H., Washington, DC

I hope Bobby Jindal does a few more awkward State of the Union response speeches if he is selected.

J.M., St. Paul, MN

Best option is Bob McDonnell. High favorability from both sides. Great record, takes Virginia from Obama.

M.W., Twitterverse

I agree with John Johnson who suggested Nicki Haley.  She would be my choice. However, my dream team GOP ticket would have to select Ann Coulter as VP candidate.
S.O., Lexington, KY
Huckabee has more skeletons than an ossuary. Wayne Dumond alone is a deal-breaker. Beyond that, there are his links to a self-styled militia group, some dodgy state contracts, and a long record of pandering to quasi-Christian activists.
P.S., Manchester, NH


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