The RP Nation Weighs in on Paul Ryan


I LOVE the Ryan pick.  We need less government involvement is everything we do, and we MUST address the nation’s debt.  Perfect Man for the position.




I can’t stand Paul Ryan either. I just wish they would quit calling him a Tea Partier. He is nothing more than a moderate neocon. As in moderately tolerable.   Here’s the radical right wing take.




I too was pleased with the Ryan selection..  Maybe we can have meaningful dialoggue now  on the truly critical issues instead of this endless nonsense  on Bain Capital, tax returns, welfare reform, GPAs, etc., etc




The difference in this election could not be more clear, the republicans want to take one half of the poor mans bologna sandwich to pay for another steak for the top 2%.. Thanks for the e-mail very good reading.




In the last Governor’s election I voted for Steve Beshear, and I am a conservative.  I am a registered Democrat, but I want the best person in the office…….NOT the party line.  This country has to elect the Romney-Ryan ticket this fall or we get the Cloward- Piven Strategy = BHO Socialist Republic.


Governor Romney’s pick of Congressman Paul Ryan is a bold and thoughtful decision.

I do believe that Ryan comes with baggage because he has a  record of actually voting and  taking a stand, which is not done that often in Washington D.C. What Romney did in his choice is tell the country that he is candidate to be President not because he picked Ryan to be the Republican Vice President candidate. Ryan will act as the COO in a Romney Presidency and Ryan has the experience for that role. One of the reasons that McCain lost was because some people were not comfortable that Governor Palin should or could be President. Senator Obama (which is was when he made his decision on VP), needed someone more “experienced and presidential” to fill out his ticket too. Romney’s pick is someone who knows how to operate within the beltway and can be an adviser to him. Romney is telling the public and insiders in both parties (politely and firmly) that he is the only one who needs the experience to be the President (CEO) of the United States. So for a guy who is being accused of not taking a position, I think we all just saw what kind of President he can and will be.




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