Fixing Politics Week at The Recovering Politician

Last week’s political fast was rough on a number of you.  Even the RP failed to live up to his promise by appearing on Fox & Friends last Friday.

But for those of you good doers out there, we have a reward.  This week’s posts on The Recovering Politician will be dedicated to the proposition of making our political system a better one.  Fixing Politics will be our mantra.

Two particular qualifications:

1.  We will be hearing from a number of our readers who offer challenging, outside-of-the-box ideas to make American democracy stronger.  You may love ’em or you may hate ’em, but remember, these views, as always represent those of the writer only and not the management at the RP.

2.  We’d really love to hear from you as well.  We are hoping the comments section will be filled with your reactions to the articles posted.  And hopefully some new ideas as well.

So please enjoy, and better yet, help participate during Fixing Politics Week.  Who knows?  Maybe one of your ideas will be adopted by our powerful readership and set the country on the right course.  Or more likely, will at least give some of us more confidence that we are living in a truly participatory democracy.


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