Zack Adams: To a Wonderful Father

My dad was born Clyde Shelly Adams to Clyde and Nancy Adams on December 12, 1956. He was raised an only child and an Army brat. My dad met my mom when she was Denise Ferguson and they married in 1985 (26 years later and they are still going strong). Two years later, I became their first child.

My dad has been in my life from the beginning until now. Everything I wrote about his father in the Memorial Day tribute can also be applied to him (they are practically the same person). He is loving, loyal, smart, and hilarious.

The most important thing I can say I have learned from my dad is something I don’t think I learned at all, at least not consciously. That thing is the ability to talk and communicate with people. I would say I inherited this talent and grew into it. Being raised by my dad simply enhanced it.

I love talking to interesting people and examining them, something I observed my father do from a young age. I happen to regard this as one of the most important things a father can impart to his son. What else could be better than teaching your son how to communicate properly and respectfully? I believe this one of the biggest factors for being successful in life.

As this is The Recovering Politician I would be remiss if I did not say that as I’ve grown I’ve realized that I disagree with my dad on most, if not all, political topics. However, that in no way stops me from loving him and remembering all he has done for me.


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