Diane Robbins: A Poem for My Father

I am my father’s daughter
And proud of  it.

You taught me to be humble for most things,
To be proud  of a few things
And to be grateful for all things.

You gave me life. 
You gave me strength.
You gave me roots.
You gave me wings so I could  fly on my own.
And you were always there to catch me when I fell.

You  kissed my tears away and fixed me up when I scraped my knee riding my bike.
And then you fixed the bike, too.
You told me stories and taught me  how to laugh.
You showed me the world through your eyes
And taught me to  believe in magic.

Thank you for all you taught me,
All you gave  me,
All you did for me,
All you fixed for me,
All you showed to  me;
And most of all, for making me who I am
And for loving me through it  all.

Always your baby girl
With more love than you can ever  imagine.


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