Julie Rath: Rathie Spies: Vintage Military Pea Coat and Web Belts

I found this handsome WWII navy pea coat at an antique store in the sleepy town of Winsted, CT, this weekend. Priced at $60, it was hard to walk away from the smart, sturdy-looking thing. It’s a size 36 (equivalent to a small) and in excellent shape. Check out the hand-stitched arm patch,

stenciled-in name and serial number,

and inside name plate.

Kind of makes me wonder under what circumstances Meachum got the coat from Blackburn.

The helpful shop owner also had several web belts from Vietnam and WWII (prices L-R are $15, $20, $10).

I’m particularly into the blue one, which is from the Air Force. I love all of the grommets combined with the metal plating, and the color is perfect for Spring.

All items can be found at A Step Back in Time (a fitting name for both the shop and the town) at 458 Main St, Winsted, CT, 860.379.3160.


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