Julie Rath: How to Shape Up Your Closet

Do you avoid opening your closet door because you’re afraid a tennis racquet  is going to fall out on your head? Sporting goods aside, it’s always nice to  have a workable closet. Much of my client work is helping people to streamline  and edit their wardrobes; trust me, I’ve seen it all in there…everything from  bike pumps and paint cans to women’s unmentionables. And that’s all I’ll say  about that! So don’t worry; no one is beyond help when it comes to getting a  closet in shape.

Here I am on a recent closet session checking out my client’s go-to navy  suit.

Mens Stylist Closet Organization

When your wardrobe contains only items you actually wear, it allows you to  get your day started faster so that you can focus on what you do best – instead  of worrying about where the pants to your gray pinstripe suit are. The first  step to creating a closet that works for you is to set aside a couple of hours  for a closet clearing. Below are 7 questions to ask yourself when considering  each item:

1. Is it in good condition?

2. Is it out of  style or do you not like the style?

3. Is it relevant to  your lifestyle?

4. Does the color look good on you? (to  find out what colors look best on you, contact me).

5. Does it  fit?

6. Have you worn it in the past year and a  half?

7. Do you actually like it?

If the answer to 2 or more of these is “no,” then you can do better, and I’d  recommend donating it. And if you’re too busy or don’t have the patience to do  this yourself, call in a professional  who can get the job done for you quickly and efficiently.

Here’s to starting 2013 with a functional closet that suits your needs.


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