Julie Rath: Heschung’s Gentlemanly Spring Boots

It was cold and windy here in Manhattan today, and so of course my first thought was boot-related: “what can a guy wear on his feet on a chilly pre-Spring day when the temperature barely makes it over 50 degrees?”

He can’t bring out the old rugged Red Wing-types (although they are just about my favorite thing in the world), as that would be pessimistic.

It’s almost May…we should be peeling off layers, not putting them on! There’s got to be some middle ground. And that’s when I thought of Heschung’s Ginko Boot ($575). I spotted them in Barney’s about a month ago, and they caught my eye for their unique look.

julie-rath-bio-photoThey’re elegant and a little less serious than some of the tougher boots I’ve featured in this space.

The contrast between the tan leather and natural canvas makes them stylish in their own quiet way. And I love the how the stitching pops against the canvas background.

Oh, P.S., I just added a separate blog category for BOOTS. So now my boot crush is official.


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