Julie Rath: Casual Friday — Rath & Co.’s Top Tips

In case you missed it, Rath & Co. was featured onThe Early Show talking Casual Friday and what people can and can’t get away with.

The video can be seen here.

Below are more thoughts on the topic:

  • When Casual Friday rolls around, make sure you don’t forget that you’re still going to work, so some level of “business” needs to be involved.
  • They always say to dress for the job you want, and that’s a good rule of thumb. If you’re going to the beach straight from work, you can find somewhere along the way to stop and change. Swim trunks + office does not lead to promotion!
  • Guys should beware of wearing shorts to work. Everyone is fitness conscious these days — that’s great. We know you spend hours at the gym working on your quads, but you don’t need to display those gams at work! A little mystery doesn’t hurt.
  • I saw a guy walking down the street recently in dress pants and carrying his dress shirt with a messenger bag slung across his shirtless torso. It looked uncomfortable and beyond strange. Instead of tearing off your clothes as soon as you hit the elevator, look for light colors and breathable fabrics like linen and lightweight cotton. I also like a blend of microfiber polyester and rayon because it wicks moisture away from the skin and doesn’t wrinkle easily in humidity.
  • If you work in a creative field like advertising and want to wear whatever you please so that you’re comfortable enough to channel that inspiration, be sure you’re not doing so in a way where you show too much skin. There are plenty of other ways to express creativity: bright colors, fun patterns (like the purple plaid Billy Reid shirt in image above) and unique accessories like an interesting belt from APC or a punchy tie bar from J. Press over a knit tie (see below).

Mens Casual Friday J. Press Tie BarMens Casual Friday Belt

Happy Friday!


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