Michael Steele: We’ve Only Just Begun

So it was supposed to end in South Carolina. In fact, it is just beginning.

For some time now many in the GOP Ivory Tower have whined, moaned and sighed heavily about the candidates, the process and the fact that they weren’t getting their way. From wishing for some super hero to climb into the ring to fantasizing about a brokered convention (word is some of the political intelligentsia are at this moment trying to figure out how that might work) those who fancy themselves smarter than the rest of us just knew South Carolina would be the perfect beach head on which to end the charade that anyone other than Romney would be the nominee. While Romney may still become the nominee, it was clear the base wanted all to know that this primary was less about who would (or should) win and all about sending the clear and unmistakeable message: “we got this.” It appears that’s exactly what they did.

The fight for the nomination now turns to Florida and with each passing day, the Establishment will get more restless and the base more empowered to assert control over this nominating process. For them, “We the People” still means something.


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