Lisa Borders: Milestone

NL-20130308Wow, that happened faster than I ever imagined.

Our problem solvers group has been growing by leaps and bounds. And now we’ve hit an unbelievable milestone – we added our 50th member of Congress!

You read that right. No Labels has brought 50 members of Congress to the table, ready to put their differences aside and build trust across the aisle.Finally, our leaders have a place to work together, face-to-face.

In this age of political dysfunction, that’s no small feat. But this is how our democracy is supposed to look.This is how we fix Washington and build a brighter future for our country.

By joining the group, these lawmakers are putting their country ahead of their party and we need to support our problem solvers and thank them for their commitment.

Our problem solvers refuse to let political games sink our economic prosperity and our children’s future. Click here to sign our card thanking them.

Every day with every new member of Congress and every citizen that joins us, our movement grows stronger and stronger.

Thank you for playing such an important part in all of it.


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