Kakie Urch – Editor, The RP’s Kentucky Political Brief

KakiemugbyjacksmithKakie Urch is currently an assistant professor of multimedia at University of Kentucky in the School of Journalism and Telecommunications. She served as editor of The Kentucky Enquirer and assistant managing editor of The Kentucky Post before her stint as assistant managing editor at The Desert Sun in Palm Springs, Calif. In 2012, Kakie served as a professor-in-residence on “The Caucuses” site of the Des Moines Register during the Iowa Caucuses.

In these roles, she had the honor of editing some of the best political reporters in Kentucky and had responsibility for Washington, Frankfort and Sacramento bureau coverage for the newspapers and their Web sites. Her favorite political ad of all time is the Kentucky radio spot from an 1980s campaign that said “Just because you sit in the garage for 10 years, that don’t make you a Buick.”

To reach Kakie with questions or comments about the KPB, email kakiekpb@gmail.com.


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