Artur Davis’ Bio

Artur Davis is a classic American success story. Raised in a low income single parent home, he became an award winning student who graduated Harvard College and Harvard Law School with honors.
By  age 30, he had become a highly succesful federal prosecutor with a near perfect conviction record. At 35, Davis was elected as one of the youngest members of the US House House of Representatives. For four terms, he won notice for a striking ability to forge alliances across the partisan divide, teaming up with a New Jersey Republican to pass a bill creating a national cord blood bank, and with a Florida Republican to preserve the HOPE VI program for renovating public housing from elimination. Davis also won an appointment as the youngest Democrat on the prestigious Ways and Means Committee.
In the course of his political career, Davis was regularly touted as a rising force in state and national politics. Time Magazine named him as one if its 5 Rising Democratic Stars in 2008; later that year, he was named by Esquire Magazine as one of its 10 Best Congressmen. In 2010, Davis ran for the Governorship of Alabama. He was defeated in a bitter, racially charged Democratic primary.
At age 43, Davis has left the poltical world to practice law at SNR Denton LLP, where his practice focuses on white collar criminal defense and congressional investigations. He and his wife Tara live in Arlington, Virgina and maintain a residence in Montgomery, Alabama.

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