The RP’s Weekly Web Gems- The Politics of the States

Until a health care decision is released Thursday, SCOTUS watchers will have to focus on the ruling in Arizona v. United States.

There was no health care ruling yesterday, but Constitutional scholars have plenty to talk about with Arizona’s win/loss on SB 1070. The Supreme Court struck down part of the highly controversial law, but invited further litigation to better establish the parameters of what enforcement is Constitutionally acceptable. Who “won” the decision is up for debate, but the Court has, of course, released the full decision for you to come to your own conclusions. [SCOTUS]

Tonight’s marquee primary races are both in New York, and one in particular promises to be exciting– New York’s 13th Congressional District. Democrat Charlie Rangel, who has represented the Upper Manhatan-based district and its predecessors since 1971 is fighting for his political life against State Senator Adriano Espaillat. Espaillat is challenging Rangel in today’s primary and may have a demographic advantage as a popular legislator of Dominican descent in an increasingly Hispanic district, but Rangel has a major advantage in his incumbency and endorsements. [POLITICO]

California’s budget problems and political dysfunction continue to have a negative impact on that state’s residents. Should a tax increase initiative fail in November, individual districts would be allowed to decrease the length of the school year by 15 days in each of the next two school years, down to 160 days. (Previous budget cuts already shortened the year from the traditional 180 days to 175.) This new school year would, of course, still be subject to collective bargaining. [Sacramento Bee]


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