The RP’s Weekly Web Gems: The Politics of Tech

The Politics of Tech

The nation’s major internet service providers by year’s end will institute a so-called six-strikes plan, the “Copyright Alert System.” The players in this plan, that is back by the White House and encouraged by Hollywood, are AT&T, Cablevision Systems, Comcast, Time Warner Cable and Verizon. Could this push users to look for alternative or smaller ISPs? [Wired]

More on file sharing and why the MPAA is losing it’s battle to change the digital culture. [TechDirt]

“Last year, for the first time, spending by Apple and Google on [patents] exceeded spending on research and development of new products” [9to5Mac]

Twitter is taking a strong stance against so called “frivolous lawsuits” related to patents. [Gigaom]

A writer for Ars Technica gets cold called by a by a tech support scammer – comedy insues. [Ars Technica]

“From 0 to 450 mph (720 km/h) in 2.0 seconds” – Amazing. [YouTube]



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