The RP’s Weekly Web Gems: The Politics of Tech

The Politics of Tech -- Courtesy of arstechnica

You may have recently heard about the news that Apple’s iPhone recording individual users’ locations. Arstechnica gives a rundown of what this means for Apple device users and for the company itself. [arstechnica]

Gizmodo asks: Have you contracted Netflix Streaming Syndrome? I hear it’s pretty serious [Gizmodo]

Many of you are probably familiar with Playstation Network, Sony’s answer to Microsoft’s Xbox Live. Unfortunately for Sony, many hackers have also become very familiar with Sony’s online gaming service. This time the network has been down for four days now and there is no indication so far when it will be back. Sony will have to do some serious damage control to keep this from being anymore of a PR disaster than it already is. [CNET]

David Fagin, a writer for AOL News, just announced that he is suing Facebook for $1 (yep, 100 pennies) after being labeled a “spammer” by the social-networking giant. [TechCrunch]

In last week’s Tech Web Gems I wrote about the rumors of a successor console to the Nintendo Wii that could be revealed at this year’s E3 in June. Now Nintendo has confirmed that we will see a next-gen preview at E3. [Engadget]


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