The RP’s Weekly Web Gems: The Politics of Speed

The Politics of Speed

If you haven’t heard, the 100th annual Indianapolis 500 was this past weekend. Dan Wheldon drank the milk and came away with his second Indy 500 win on the heels of one of the most dramatic finishes in racing history. Sure, the events at the end of the race with rookie J.R. Hildebrand leading were unbelievable, but was his wreck on the final turn one of the biggest choke-jobs in sports history? What do you think? [ESPN]

The time is right for Danica Patrick to make the leap from Indy car driver and part-time NASCAR driver to a full-time stock car driver for NASCAR. []

Never lie to a drifter about your drifting credentials. Make sure you click the CC button to get English subtitles. [Youtube]

While we are on drifting here is Ken Block’s Gymkhana. One of the most amazing runs you are going to see. You can’t help but love this if you are into drifting and if you’re not, you may be converted. You have been warned. [Youtube]

Finally, I’ll send you home today with the Ten Coolest Futuristic Movie Cars. [Jalopnik]


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