The RP’s Weekly Web Gems: The Politics of Pigskin

The Politics of Pigskin

Sad news again this week when Cowboys’ Jerry Brown Jr, a practice squad LB, was killed in a car accident while a passenger with teammate Josh Brent, a defensive tackle. Brent has been charged with intoxicated manslaughter and has been released on $500,000 bail. [Yahoo! Sports]

Adrian Peterson is a wonder to behold. After offseason reconstructive knee surgery he is playing at a ridiculous level and is clearly the best running back in the NFL. He is so confident in his ability and his physical health that he wants to break the single-season rushing record this year – and he could. [LA Times]

We had a high profile coaching casuality today when the Ravens fired Offensive Coordinator Cam Cameron. The move has to be based on the fact that even with a lot of talent on the offensive roster the Ravens only rank 18th in total offense. []

Check out this amazing catch by Krin Durham, someone who you probably didn’t know unless you were a Lions fan and maybe not even then! [.gif]

This Seahawks fan accurately predicted Seattle’s 58-0 win over Arizona Sunday night in the comments section. [screenshot]

Here is your preview of what looks to be a fantastic Monday Night Football game: Houston v. New England. [ESPN]


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