The RP’s Weekly Web Gems: The Politics of Pigskin

The Politics of Pigskin

With a healthy Ben Roethlisberger it might have been a different outcome, but on Sunday night the Ravens beat the Steelers in one of the NFL’s premiere rivalries. [ESPN]

Lots of QB accomplishments on Sunday – RG III managed to pick up an impressive perfect QB rating (158.3) on Sunday. [Sports Grid]

“Matt Ryan: 0 TD, 5 INT. He’s the 1st QB with 0 TD, 5 INT in a win since Bart Starr, 1967 Packers!” [Twitter]

On Sunday, Matt Shaub tied Warren Moon for the 2nd most passing yards in a game all time with 527. [Pro Football Reference]

Here is a wrap-up of Sunday’s action by the always great Peter King. Don’t miss his response to Chris Kluwe in “Things I Think.” [SI]



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